Carne Criolla

Carne Criolla

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MarnaMaria Herb Seasoning Blend of garlic, onions, oregano and other spices and herbs to make your dinner Cuban style!

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MarnaMaria Carne Criolla

Cuban Seasoning Blend

Herb Seasoning Blend for Cuban Meat Dishes

Our Carne Criolla seasoning blend is straight from the island and make it easy to create authentic and traditional Cuban dishes. This seasoning mix works perfectly to season your favorite meat and vegetable dishes. Use it on pork, steak or chicken, or mix with olive oil and citrus juices to create a tasty marinade. 

Carne Criolla is our special herb and spice blend of onions and garlic combined with the finest oregano plus lemon and orange peel and other spices. It is finished with a seasoning of coarse sea salt, and cracked black pepper. 

Available in various packing sizes:

Sample Envelope - 16 grams / 0.56 oz.

Signature Glass Jar (1/2 cup) - 41 grams / 1.45 oz.

Kraft Envelope with Recipe (1/2 cup) - 37 grams / 1.31 oz.

Kraft Refill Envelope (1/2 cup)  - 41 grams / 1.45 oz.

Bulk Bag (2 cups) - 164 grams / 5.78 oz.

Bulk Bag (4 cups) - 328 grams / 11.57 oz.

Recipes with Carne Criolla

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