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Mashed Potatoes with Thyme Infused Brown Butter

There’s mashed potatoes, and then there are mashed potatoes. Our version starts with layers of flavors right from the get go: Potatoes boiled with aromatics like celery, bay leaf, and garlic, add a secret umami dimension to the final result. Adding thyme infused brown butter at the end is not a bad touch either.

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Tomato Salad with Tellicherry Pepper

Caprese salad is one of the great salads of our lives. It’s light, healthy, and fresh! Be sure to use quality ingredients their delicate flavors will shine through. We love using our Tellicherry Pepper here as the spice is mild and the flavor is big!

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Basil Biscuits with Parmesan Cheese

This recipe is in honor of my sweet pup, Biscuit. She's a beagle and the best dog there ever was. 

Many think of biscuits as a breakfast food, but we love them for lunch or dinner as well! Our savory recipe will have you hooked and coming back for seconds!

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The Best Korean Bibimbap Recipe

Have you ever heard of Bibimbap?

For people who have had Korean Food, they all say the same thing, they LOVE Korean Food. Korean BBQ, Bulgogi, and even Kimchee, this cuisine is taking more and more followers all the time. 

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Thomas Keller's Truffle Bacon and Eggs

I came across this recipe by accident, years ago, while looking at ideas for something fun and new for a pop-up dinner. It was this recipe that sold me on the man who is Thomas Keller.  Due to it's popularity, it soon became the main amuse bouche at The Table. Served with a little Prosecco, it really is quite an exquisite way to begin a meal and a definite new take on "Breakfast for Dinner." Also the presentation is beautiful.

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Tzatziki Recipe

This recipe comes from a Greek woman. A saint of a Greek woman for sharing her wisdom with me. While on an extended trip to Greece, I was assigned to kitchen duty, which was just fine by me. I was paired with said Greek lady, it's terrible, I cannot for the life of me tell you her name. We were in charge of feeding our group everyday for the entirety of the trip. Actually, she was in charge, I was mearly her assistant... if you want to get really classy, you could even call me her sous chef.

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